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Stencyl Jam 2014 Blog - Feb 26

2014-02-27 00:05:44 by Halvgoeden

Click chests, grab loot, and equip the best stuff! Sell the rest and use your profits to buy rare items. Identify special objects, add gems to slotted items, and complete gear sets for special bonuses. But be quick. The enemies are coming. D:

Sound familiar?

It’s every dungeon crawler ever, but this time the enemies come to you, combat is mostly passive, and your only job is to get better equipment as quickly as possible.

I always loved inventory management in dungeon crawlers, so I thought I’d make a game that was pretty much just that.

A Dirty-Nasty Draft

The above mockup is a good visual indication of the game’s planned features.

  • Players click a chest to generate six pieces of random loot.
  • The player can click loot to add it to their inventory
  • The player can sell items from their inventory
  • The player can buy items from the shop
  • Inventory items can be equipped on the character.
  • Enemies approach over time. When an enemy reaches the player marker, combat starts.
  • Combat is mostly passive, using the player and enemy stats to resolve.
  • The player can use potions or swap between two weapon sets at any time.


Right now I’m roughing in all of these pieces. Things are going well. You can view today’s test build here.

Test Build for Feb 26:

  • Click the chest to spawn a new set of random loot
  • Gems!


I will be posting test builds as often as I can until the jam deadline. If you have questions or comments, please share them! This is a great learning experience for me, and I hope I can help someone else too.

‘Till next time.